Any screen. Anywhere.
We get results.

We are living in an evolution not a revolution. Digital isn’t just social media, video ads, banners or click conversions. It’s about connecting with real people in an engaged environment, telling stories that make people listen, and creating disruptive work that makes people stop and pay attention.

Here at Now Screen, we see digital as a reimagination of the principles of traditional advertising, created to capture audiences in new ways. The partitioning of creative services into digital and ‘everything else’ is a broken methodology. Our experienced team of strategists, digital specialists, creatives and producers work together to deliver thoughtful and impactful campaigns through a holistic approach.

We begin by researching and understanding your customers – diving deep into their attitudes, habits, beloved brands and decision-making processes. We use this detailed foundational knowledge to form tailored creative and pinpoint audience targeting that goes far beyond what traditional media agencies deliver. We optimise constantly, adjust audiences and redistribute budgets to ensure we are constantly improving your results, driving engagement and maximising your ROI.

Now Screen helps you navigate digital in ways that best suit your brand and budget. We recognise that there is no one size fits all solution for businesses in the modern climate, and we offer considered and strategic use of digital activity that aligns with the rest of your marketing mix.

We create content that resonates and drives action. Everything is bespoke and everything works. Because that’s what we do.