More credible.
More persuasive.
More sales.

Based on the principle that the most powerful form of marketing is word of mouth, Masthead Advertising takes a more editorial, third-party approach to advertising and brand content.

It uses a combination of opening graphics, relatable presenters and high-quality effects to capture, engage and drive sales.

As the name suggests, each piece of content starts with a Masthead such as ‘Whatsnew?’ or ‘feelgood’, much like the titles to a TV show, to introduce the topic.

And then, rather than the brand talking about itself, the Masthead reviews the product or service from an independent perspective.

This format keeps your product directly in the spotlight – putting the focus on educating viewers on your product’s benefits and how it can help them and aligns your brand with a trusted endorser.

Repeated research studies have found that consumers find Masthead Advertising more credible and more persuasive.

Mastheads were our first unique offering as an agency, and the format has helped us grow to become a global agency with work airing in over 20 countries worldwide. Best of all, whether it’s one of our long-running successful Mastheads or a Custom Masthead created specifically for your brand, they all have an immediate impact on sales.