We solve problems
and create opportunities.

We do this by approaching any project with curiosity and a belief in challenging traditions and questioning assumptions. We know that there exists a vision for every brand, and a solution for every problem.

Our approach applies a deliberate naivety. We pore through research on products and categories as though we are seeing them for the first time. We ask thoughtful questions designed to help us shape outcomes. We are detailed and open to having our assumptions broken and our vision crafted by real world information.

Integration of strategy is something that exists across all levels of our agency. We are proud of the fact that all projects no matter how big or small have the insight, problem solving and care of our strategy team.

At Now Screen we focus on what matters most. Results. We craft all of our work with the intention of inspiring action. Whether it be your customer engaging with your brand, purchasing a new product or changing the way your organisation relates to the world.

With a deep understanding of business, brand, advertising and creative strategy our team ensures that research, insights and learnings are applied proactively through all work. We base creative decisions on needs of consumers and the vision of your brand.