An 'unfakeable' alliance


Now Screen developed a Custom Masthead for Bulla to support for its new 'Unfakeable' brand positioning, to help drive the bottom line of sales while the equity campaign's emotive copy worked on brand awareness. Now Screen's strategic work raised consumer insights that led to the creation of a campaign involving celebrity chefs showcasing all the great uses for Bulla dairy products.

Bulla launched a new brand position – Unfakeable – and out of that, a new equity campaign was born. This emotive copy was doing a good job of driving brand awareness and building brand equity, but things needed a little push.

Now Screen’s strategic analysis showed there was another important job to be done. There was a very low-level understanding among consumers about the difference between a variety of dairy products.

We aimed to help build Bulla’s credentials as an innovative, market-leading food brand by focusing on some of their specialist products. This idea would have the added bonus of driving sales and helping to position Bulla as a truly special Australian brand.

Now Screen worked with Bulla to create a custom masthead under the ‘Unfakeable’ brand umbrella which would harness our expertise in creating powerful educational content.

Our strategic analysis showed consumers were craving information on the huge variety of creams on the market. Which cream doesn’t curdle when cooking? When should you use Creme Fraiche? Are some creams better than others for whipping?

The masthead campaign featured well-known cooks and chefs like Kirsten Tibbals, sharing expert advice on individual products from the Bulla range. We let the experts explain how and why to use each product, what made them special, and inspired home cooks to do more and get better results in the kitchen.

To date, nine TVCs have been produced across the frozen and chilled product categories. Their unique combination of expert talent, useful information and delicious recipes delivered immediate results, driving sales both for the individual products featured, and across the Bulla portfolio as a whole.

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