Australia's favourite dishes


As part of their relaunch with a new, best-ever formula, Finish needed a campaign that connected with everyday Australians and solidified their position as the market leader. Now Screen developed a campaign that revolved around Australia's many favourite meals, and all the dishes they created. For every roast lamb or lasagne dish, there was only one dishwashing solution - Finish.

Finish Australia was launching a new variant of dishwashing tablet with their best ever formula. To support the launch, they wanted a campaign idea which was distinctively Australian, would work across multiple media touchpoints, and could be used by multiple different agencies. It also had to drive sales growth, build brand equity and reinforce Finish’s position as market leader.

We proposed a series of commercials built around a celebration of Australia’s love affair with food.

At the heart of the campaign are some of Australia’s favourite dishes: roast dinners, barbecues, and lasagne, which also happen to be some of the toughest messes to clean when we’re doing the washing up.

Our launch copy was built around the idea that in Australia’s food-loving multicultural society there are lots of different ways to cook our favourite dishes, but there’s only one way to clean up the mess: Finish.

Australia’s Favourite Dishes became the central idea of a much broader campaign created by many different agencies, led by our TVC and Key Visual. We created multiple versions and time lengths of our launch TVC for both TV and digital, and our footage was also used for an additional TVC specifically for Coles.

We extended the TV campaign with additional copies that added new voices to the endorsement of Finish. This included a manufacturer spot, which explained why Finish is recommended by more dishwasher manufacturers than any other brand, as well as two additional 15 second ads.

Taken together, our TVCs created a multi-vocal, multi-execution campaign demonstrating why consumers and manufacturers all use and recommend Finish.

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