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Gatorade USA enlisted Now Screen to produce digital content educating consumers on the ingredients in their sports drinks. The result was a series called 'Fuel School' that focussed on what professional athletes put into their bodies, to get the best out.

Gatorade USA wanted to have a voice in the online public conversation around the ingredients in sports drinks. They enlisted Now Screen’s specialist expertise in educational branded content to create a video content series under the masthead title: Fuel School.

Using everyday sports people and engaging sporting analogies, Fuel School explains the benefits of Gatorade’s ingredients and why, if you’re pushing yourself to the limit as an athlete, your body requires nutrients like electrolytes, carbohydrates and protein.

We passionately believe in the power of this style of helpful, educational content for brands both big and small, so we were thrilled to work with one of the world’s most famous brands in its biggest market to cement Gatorade’s market leading position and drive brand growth.

Fuel School launched with three long format executions which appeared as hygiene content on the Gatorade website and ran across YouTube and social media.

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