Burning bright


Nurofen aimed to position itself as the most effective solution for those suffering from osteoarthritic pain. The challenge for Now Screen was to differentiate this campaign from other Nurofen campaigns for headache and general pain management and make it clear to osteoarthritis sufferers that we were talking to them.

Nurofen came to Now Screen with a market opportunity to capitalise upon. Most sufferers of osteoarthritis know that the underlying cause of their pain is inflammation between the joints. They also know there are a variety of specialised over-the-counter options available.

What they don’t know is that most of those apparently specialised options don’t reduce inflammation – they only relieve pain. The opportunity for Reckitt Benckiser (and the challenge for Now Screen) was to let sufferers know that standard Nurofen would relieve osteoarthritis pain and inflammation perfectly.

Sufferers describe the pain as a burning sensation in the joints, which sparked a creative solution when we noticed that the top of a leg bone looks a lot like the top of a matchstick. This realisation transformed into the visual metaphor of a burning match, which made the searing pain of an osteoarthritic flare-up instantly understood and powerfully felt. We positioned Nurofen as the extinguisher that could put out the pain and inflammation, making it the most effective solution for sufferers.

To bring the idea to life (while adhering to the robust regulatory frameworks in place for pharmacological treatments) we enlisted the help of Vandal, a specialist post-production house with outstanding CGI capabilities. Together we created a 30-sec hero TVC that osteoarthritis sufferers have found impossible to ignore.

And of course, our client was happy: “We are thrilled with the end result. Our brief to Now Screen was to establish Nurofen as a credible player within osteoarthritis pain management. For this we wanted to educate osteoarthritis sufferers about the need to not only manage their pain but also to relieve the inflammation when their osteoarthritis flares up. We think the ad conveys this message very effectively.”
– Laurent de Meyer, Category Manager, Nurofen.

The campaign also consisted of various cut-downs for both broadcast and digital media, as well as in-pharmacy POS.

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