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RB USA and their New York agency Havas had an extremely short timeline to turn around a digital campaign for their new restroom air freshener VIPoo. The creative was done, but they needed a way to shoot on-time and within budget.

Reckitt Benckiser USA and their New York agency Havas had created a new digital campaign for their restroom air freshener VIPoo. The creative played on the idea that even fairytale icons need to use the restroom.

Each execution revolved around key celebration dates, such as Christmas, Easter, and Valentines Day.

But with 5 separate high quality executions in the series to shoot, and the clock ticking on Valentine’s Day, how could they afford to produce them all?

The RB Brand team had experienced Now Screen’s speed to market and cost efficiencies on other projects, and they introduced Havas NY to our agency and asked if we could handle the production.

We selected Australia as the most efficient and cost effective location to shoot and then set to work.

With a bit of hard work over the Christmas break, the first spots were ready for dispatch by January 10th – just 4 weeks after the initial briefing. The Havas media team flew down for a week of shooting and post production to liaise closely with Now Screen’s editors and producers.

The proof of success is in the finished executions. All deadlines were met and no one kicked up a stink (pardon the pun) in this cheeky global campaign.

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