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Artline Stix - pens that clip together and work like building blocks - were the new hero of the Artline kids range. Our challenge was to get kids to ask their parents for Stix, and inspire their imaginations. The diverse skillset of Now Screen proved just the solution for a tight budget.

Artline is a brand well known for its pens, markers, highlighters and more. So the fun new Artline Stix for kids were an irresistible project for our family-oriented Now Screen people. We were challenged to make the range even more fun and interactive by using the new product line development.

Artline was introducing a range of adorable characters – animals, sea creatures and monsters – that clipped onto the pens. Our task was to bring the pens and each of the characters’ individual personalities to life, and help fuel children’s imaginations.

The solution: a series of three 15 second online videos with mini stories that showed all aspects of the Artline Stix features – Draw, Build & Play.

Now Screen took the toys and created full 3D animated models that lived and drew in a world entirely built with imagination and Artline Stix. A stage set under the sea, a playground, and a tropical beach. The entire project was scripted and completed in-house and, yes, the pens and toys inspired a lot of fun in the office.

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