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Clipp is an app that gives you a fast, seamless way to save up to 40% at the trendiest bars and restaurants, and conveniently pay with your phone. Our brief was to improve the user experience and interface so users could find the best deals easily, and increase downloads of the app to increase the community of people using the app.

Clipp mobile app had a great business offering: save up to 40% when going out to bars and restaurants. But they needed Now Screen to help build awareness of the app and get as many people as possible to think of it as the perfect start to a great night out.

Part of this process was improving the UX design for a more seamless user interface.

Now Screen set out to discover how people were using Clipp, focusing on the user journey – from searching for deals to paying at the selected venue. The key was to understand why some functions and design elements weren’t intuitive enough for users.

We analysed the pain points, redesigned, and provided ongoing recommendations for improving user experience.

Redesigning the app

Keeping user expectations in mind, we redesigned Clipp with a strong focus on the two most important features: finding last minute deals at the trendiest bars and restaurants, and paying via your phone.

To improve the app’s functionality, we conducted usability testing. We discovered two main obstacles for users. First, they did not understand the minimum spend requirement to enjoy the deal; and second, they didn’t realise they had to pay their tab through the app.

We identified that the crucial features for users were:

  • Quickly finding a venue nearby with a deal.
  • Opening a tab easily while at the venue.
  • Closing a tab easily through the app.

Now Screen then conceptualised, designed and delivered a solution that combined some existing features with a simplified process for opening/closing a Clipp tab. As part of the full re-design, graphics were simplified to maximise ease of navigation and the pages themselves were made cleaner, brighter and more visually appealing for the intended user.

A new brand message

To build awareness of the app, and drive users to download it on their phones, we created a 30sec TVC full of warmth and style that promoted the new brand led messaging: “experience your city for less”. The main objective was to showcase how easy it was to use the new app.

The TVC was shot at Riley Street Garage in Sydney. The renowned restaurant created all the meals and fed the extras who happily played the role of diners. All editing and post-production was done in-house by Now Screen.

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