The accidental challenger


As a challenger brand in the US market, Finish needed to differentiate and drive trial. Now Screen developed a lifestyle based campaign that revolved around getting more out of life. With Finish taking care of the dishes, there should always be more time for the things you love.

Finish is the number one brand of dishwasher detergent worldwide with 70-80% share of market in some countries. But in the USA it’s the challenger brand, so it has to try that little bit harder.

Knowing that most shoppers in the dishwashing aisle are on autopilot, there was an understanding that people would buy the same product they’ve always bought – unless we came up with a disruptive claim that gets them to stop and think about what they’re buying.

With RB USA, Now Screen developed a highly competitive campaign built around the idea of getting more out of life and doing more of the things you love, like cooking and sharing great food with friends. The natural next step was getting more of the things you need to make life easier, like getting more Finish tablets per pack.

Our copy brought to life the pleasure of sharing great food, and then backed it up with a powerful demo section that demonstrates Finish’s unbeatable cleaning credentials and great value.

As well as the main 30 second TVC, our campaign extended to multiple shorter versions for TV and digital, plus digital banners and radio.

This was a very important campaign for Finish, so we were delighted that our copy delivered the results they were looking for: driven by our campaign, Finish’s market share grew a significant amount in one of the world’s most competitive markets.

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