Project Outcomes

  • 500+ Whatsnew? campaigns globally
  • On air in over 20 countries around the world
  • Sales uplifts from 25% to 450%

'Where You See It First'

‘Whatsnew?’ merges two of the most powerful tools in marketing: Word-of-Mouth and News.

If someone at a party tells you all about themselves, you’ll likely take what they say with a grain of salt. But if someone else tells you about that same person, you’re more likely to believe what you hear.

‘Whatsnew?’ operates on the same third-party principle, using the masthead brand ‘Whatsnew?’ to create an editorial tonality – which consumers say they find more credible and persuasive than other forms of advertising.

It is, if you like, the original influencer platform, endorsing product news much like PR or a celebrity endorsement. What’s more – after ‘free’, ‘news’ is the most powerful word in the marketing dictionary. It’s rooted in our DNA to take note of anything new, because in primitive times it could be food, or it could kill you! We even get a release of pleasure-inducing dopamine to reward us for discovering something new.

Our brain processes 11 billion bits of sensory information per second, yet we consciously remember only 100 of them. We’ve developed two important coping mechanisms to process this information gap:

We spend less time trying to understand something if it is complicated or difficult; and we focus on novelty, looking for the degree to whether something is new and/or memorable.

So it’s not surprising that ‘Whatsnew?’ is a surefire way to grab attention, educate people on your new product news, explain in simple terms why it’s relevant to them, and encourage them to try it.

‘Whatsnew?’ was launched in 2002 to answer the growing need among marketers to quickly and cost-effectively get news into the marketplace

Our brain processes 11 billion bits of sensory information per second, yet we consciously remember only 100 of them.

Since that launch, ‘Whatsnew?’ has proved phenomenally effective. The very first campaign for Nyal Plus Cough & Cold was so successful that the brand sold out. And 16 years later, it’s still one of the most potent tactics in a marketer’s toolkit.

‘Whatsnew?’ remains a cost-effective way to announce product news without conflicting with the brand’s existing image. On the contrary, each execution is tailored to the essence of the featured brand and actually improves brand appeal.

Such is the success of ‘Whatsnew?’ that, 16 years later, it’s still selling more than ever. Now Screen has aired our flagship masthead in over 20 countries around the world, with equally impressive results wherever it appears.

Time and again, advertisers have enjoyed a significant spike in sales as soon as their ‘Whatsnew?’ campaign has gone on air.

Consumer research consistently reinforces that ‘Whatsnew?’ makes a brand seem more appealing, the brand news more credible, and consumers more likely to purchase, with trust scores of 70-80%. With integrated print, point-of-sale, outdoor campaigns and its own social and digital presence with over 100,000 followers, it’s a true multi-media vehicle.

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