Project Outcomes

  • 2.8 million Australians reached
  • 3.3 million impressions
  • 1 brand identity reimagined

Organic Care

Organic Care is one of Australia’s most recognised hair and skincare brands.

Over the last 60 years, Organic Care has had to navigate a number of seismic shifts. Originally one of the only brands in the market made from natural ingredients, it is now surrounded by dozens of brands that have adopted similar market positioning.

For Organic Care, the challenge was how to cut through the noise and re-engage the public with the truth of their brand: That they are a natural hair and skin care brand that is unique to Australian supermarkets by being affordable and 100% Australian owned.

The way Organic Care spoke to the world needed to change, they needed to inspire and to challenge, while remaining true to their core values.

Organic Care chose to partner with Now Screen, because of our extensive experience in the FMCG space and our ability to capture a story, draw out a brand’s meaning, and express it with care.

Three key executions

To allow Organic Care to stamp its claim as a natural hair and skincare products in Australia, we developed the ‘98% Natural’ series. After working with their lab, we established the exact percentage of ingredients that are natural and broadcast this as a rallying cry.

To solve the problem of quickly showing the breadth of natural ingredients in Organic Care products, we created stop-motion videos. These videos build on the ‘98% Natural’ series, taking the ingredients out of the bottle and bringing them vividly to life.

‘Little Changes’ saw a diverse mix of real people talking about all the small things they do every day to stay in touch with the natural world, creating a feeling of wellness, wellbeing and connectedness with their families, communities and the environment.

Defining our values

Defined from purpose, history and vision, Caring Comes Naturally is the lens through which we express Organic Care.

Caring Comes Naturally defines the values and the people behind the product. It was a universal truth that permeated through all levels of the organisation. As a framework, it gives licence to express simple ideas of care and compassion, to challenge what it means to be organic, and to make grand statements on the way we could all live better.

A redefined purpose

By equipping Organic Care with a renewed focus and clarity of vision, we were able to better future-proof them for an ever-growing industry. We established how their brand’s story could be both bold and caring at the same time.

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