Dual Action

Heartburn or indigestion?


The Gaviscon team discovered that many people don’t know the difference between heartburn and indigestion. Gaviscon enlisted Now Screen to create an educational copy for TV and online to showcase Gaviscon Dual Action's barrier protection in the stomach through a unique Mode of Action.

More than half of us suffer from heartburn or indigestion, but only two thirds of sufferers actually do something about it. That’s a lot of people suffering needlessly! Part of the problem is that people don’t know which ailment they suffer from and so they don’t know which product they should look for.

The copy created by Now Screen features a simple but striking demo as its centrepiece: a colour-change transformation shown inside a glass stomach. This demo offers a window view into the stomach and educates on the differences between heartburn or indigestion, and how Gaviscon Dual Action can give you relief from both.

“Everyone loves a science experiment where something cool happens right in front of your eyes,” said Mardi McConnochie, Now Screen’s senior writer. “We were delighted to bring that vibe to a great product like Gaviscon.”

Now Screen created and produced the 30” TVC and a 45” online video and it’s already having a positive impact on people’s understanding.

“So far, the Gaviscon Education copy created by Now Screen has performed on par with our KPIs! Interestingly, we tested one week of our brand copy plus the Now Screen educational copy, which outperformed KPI’s and saw a brand uplift of +20%”, says Lucy Otley, Senior Brand Manager.

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