Strepsils Extra

Break foil in case of emergency

Key Details

Strepsils is introducing a new Strepsils Extra lozenge in Honey and Lemon flavour for the coming cold and flu season. Now Screen collaborated with animation house Yes Captain to produce a bright spot for television and digital that reimagined the look and feel of Strepsils in order to capture extra attention.

Strepsils Extra is different from regular lozenges: more powerful and more effective. Regular lozenges just have an antiseptic action. But Strepsils Extra has both an antiseptic and an anaesthetic action to actually numb the pain.

Now Screen was tasked with creating a new campaign that would cut through the noise of seasonal advertising and establish Strepsils Extra as the number one choice for severe sore throat sufferers.

Now Screen’s new campaign takes Strepsils in a new direction, using bold, colourful CGI created by animation house Yes Captain to create a powerful metaphor.

The TVC imagines a sore throat as a traffic jam: ordinary cars, like ordinary throat lozenges, can’t do anything to break through it.

But there’s one thing that can get through: an ambulance!

Strepsils Extra is brought to life as an ambulance that cuts through the traffic jam to bring extra relief to an extra sore throat.

The animated campaign is rolling out on broadcast TV and digital.


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