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Veggie Burgers new product launch


Australian’s are reassessing the role of meat in their lives. Meat eating is a cultural habit that's now under increasing scrutiny. No longer the centre of every meal, now meat is often just an option.
Data indicates that at least 50% of Australians are trying to reduce the amount of meat in their diet, and more join them every day.
The plant-based food category is cluttered, fast growing and only newly established, and there is still confusion and hesitation around the products available, with a key barrier to purchase and consumption being concerned around how the different products taste.

Yumi’s has always been a high quality food brand committed to making real and delicious products including dips and other vegetable based products. They brought their expertise in making high quality cuisine based family recipes for over 30 years to the realm of meat alternatives and created the Yumi’s Veggie Burger range.

Yumi’s capitalised on the power of Whatsnew? – where you see it first, to maximise the news value of their new Veggie Burgers range and highlight the unbeatable taste appeal. We created a number of assets from Broadcast to Social videos.

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